DX7, the high-class SUV with an Italian touch

Source: southeast   2015-04-14

DX7, the high-class SUV with an Italian touch

The aesthetic research carried out by the Pininfarina Design Team aims at achieving distinctive trait of the shapes, integrating Pininfarina’s brand values: elegance, purity, innovation. The spirit of SEM is something that perfectly matches with Pininfarina’s DNA: the two Companieshave in common a constant striving towards innovation and qualityand the aim to create long-term relationships. 

While approaching the DX7 development, Pininfarina started from profound understanding of SEM about demand of the consumers, cultural background and market trend. Working together with the SEM team,Pininfarina created a strong design language, which is central to express the character and uniqueness of a vehicle and to enter a competitive market.


The result embodies all the most recognized values of Pininfarina design for production cars: creative research able to define timeless styling statements in the best tradition of Italian design. The Italian touch combined with SEM’s state-of-the-art technological innovation make the DX7 a project that is both elegant, solid and forward-looking. 

The project DX5 is based on a layout where general proportions are well balanced with the required size to a car of this segment.On this basis it was possible to develop a design with a strong character, dynamic lines and enhanced quality feeling. 

The side view highlights the presence of the hood and the fluidity of theroof with a dynamic inclination of the windshield and the rear window. Another significant feature is the DLO, which expresses a strong and unique character due to the hexagonal shape bounded by a chromed frame flowing towards the rear window.

Surfaces are very sculptural and muscular with wide convex areas that transmit a high sense of quality and emphasize the sense of strength in the wheelarches. 

The line starting from the front fender flows gently to the rear and wraps around the car. The one at the bottom of the doors, however, ligthens the side with perfectly controlled light reflections. 

The front grille and headlights are connected to emphasize the width of the car.

Starting from the Company logo a chromed element visually continues with the strip of DRL setting a V shape graphic element that highlights the dynamic feeling of the car.The strength of the car is also underlined by sculpted shapes of bonnet and bumper. 

The lower part of bumpers and side seals are treated with a dark, robust stripe to protect the car around the whole perimeter. 

The lights are designed as three-dimensional elements. Rear lamps also are three-dimensional and they are embedded in the full volume of the body and integrated in a very wide and functional rear hatch. 

Sophisticated, comfortable and functional are the three words that can summarize the the interior design of the DX7. Sophisticated because of the fluid but sharp forms to emphasize the feeling of quality and technology, with careful use of different colors and materials to express a strong sense of quality. Comfortable and functional because of the great attention to details and to the ergonomical positioning of all the functions.


The dashboard is splitted into two major elements withdifferent color and material. The top part shows the typicalopulenceof that segment and has a three-dimensional aluminum insert that runs through the entire facial connecting all visuals and functions (cluster, HMI , air vent). 

Sophisticated surfaceson the interior accentuate the perception of quality and their softness is balanced by crisp lines that highlight the character and solidity expected from the SUV segment.

The HMI area is integrating all thefunctions, monitors, and vents in a very coherent and completedform. 

The instrument cluster is highlighted by the three-dimensional "binoculars" that emerges from the aluminum strip to give a sense of sportiness to the driver dedicated area.

The door panels are designed in full consistency with the dashboard.They are also formed by two elements of different color and materials withintegrated handles for a perfect protective and ergonomical feeling.

Even the seats have been designed with fluid forms to adapt to the body and enhance the comfort of passengers,and their shape and material strongly contribute to the overall feeling of an high-end interior with great personality.