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On September 26 2019, Soueast DX5 was officially marketed in China,  all of which met the emission standard of GB 6B. As a new member of southeast automobile DX family, Southeast DX5 perfectly inherits the excellent genes of the DX family. Starting from the three core dimensions of "atmospheric beauty", "refined quality" and "comfortable driving control", it creates a "beckoning IP" that can be seen, touched and felt. It presented the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with its refined and practical force.  

(Soueast DX5 advertising picture)

To create a top-level design by international cooperation

The appearance of Southeast DX5 is created by southeast automobile and the world famous design company--- Binifarina, Italy. The overall shape perfectly interprets the essence of the design concept of "Hawk wings " of southeast automobile, and integrates the artistic elements of "starting, connecting and combining" in Chinese calligraphy. The body line integrates softness and strength.

(Soueast DX5 advertising picture)

The front wing type air intake grille and the eagle eye type crystal diamond double lens integrated LED headlamp are integrated and complement each other, which not only improves the identification, but also has practicability, and the irradiation distance can reach more than 200m. The large-scale gun barrel fog lamp, combined with the surrounding wavy line design, is profound and full of power, with intelligent follow-up auxiliary lighting function. The 18 inch metal cutting two-color aluminum alloy wheel hub, together with the side waistline rising from the leaf plate to the D-pillar, makes the whole vehicle have the momentum of Eagle dive.

(Soueast DX5 advertising picture)

In terms of tail design, Soueast DX5 uses a new English brand tail sign and a metal logo for the first time, which makes the tail delicate and stylish. A waistline like modeling line runs through the tail to connect the tail lights on both sides, showing a dynamic posture. Solid LED taillight like eyeliner, it also gives a sense of spirituality. DX3 is equipped with anti-pinch electric tailgate, one key to open a comfortable travel experience. It is beautiful and it still looks so futuristic.

The wheelbase of Soueast DX5 is 2615mm, the dimensions of body length, width and height are 4406 * 1840 * 1654mm respectively (with roof rack of 1680mm), and the dimension space is secskilling the same level. Soueast DX5's two-color design provides a variety of different car color options to meet the personalized needs of users, with full marks for the visual texture of the car body. The above design fully shows the owner's fashion and exquisite taste.

(Soueast DX5 advertising picture)

The high-grade interior design is made of exquisite materials, and details are carefully polished to create a unique driving space comparable to the "flight cabin". The most striking part of the interior design is the central screen of Soueast DX5, which adopts a new suspended design language, cool black and soft coverage, neat and hierarchical layout of the functional area, and the 10 inch suspended high-definition touch screen in the middle is like an unfolded scroll in ancient China, recalling the calligraphy elements in the exterior design. The scroll type vertical screen design, equipped with piano paint baking and metal feeling panel, greatly improves the sense of the whole vehicle, and the humanized design—the rake of 12 ° to the main driver's side, further protects the driver's driving safety. 7-inch LCD instrument panel can observe vehicle data in real time. Soueast DX5 is equipped with an intelligent anti-pinch panoramic skylight, which can be opened in sliding / tilting mode. The daylighting area is more than 1 . Drivers can have a panoramic view of the vast sky.  In addition, Soueast DX5 "flight cabin" has a large capacity, flexible and user-friendly storage space. The rear magic seat combination mode adopt to 4 / 6 split folding, can realize large rear bearing space, and the trunk volume reaches 1529 L.

(Soueast DX5 panoramic skylight)

(Soueast DX5 trunk)

Realize the sense of value beyond expectation, and pay enough attention to quality

After 24 years of development, Southeast automobile has always strictly controlled the product quality, fundamentally completed the core of the product, and is committed to creating a sense of value beyond the user's expectations to meet the sensory experience of "seeing, listening, smelling and touching".

In the NVH, which most embodies the driving quality, the Soueast DX5 adopts double wall sound insulation design, the whole body is equipped with sound insulation and noise reduction materials, the total coverage of sound insulation cotton reaches 8.2 , and the overall driving space reaches the deep-sea level quiet condition. Whether it is the idling link of noisy vehicles or the daily high-speed driving conditions, the anti noise level of the whole vehicle is the leading position in the same level.

For touch, the Soueast DX5 also has taken great pains in detail. In addition to the functional buttons are designed to feel like chocolate in the central control area, Driver's most accessible seats are ergonomically wrapped for increased leg support are designed in a body engineering-compliant manner. And it equipped with high quality leather, and opens the door to see the advanced sense at first sight. Soueast DX5 is covered with soft materials where the door trim panel, armrest and other places are easy to touch, which has environmental protection characteristics and strives to create a refined and elegant driving experience.

(Soueast DX5 leather seat)

In the place where we can't see or touch, the southeast doesn't make do with it at all. As a relatively independent space, the air quality in the car is closely related to driving health. Soueast DX5 strictly controls the air quality in the car, and reduces the generation of harmful gases by using environmental protection materials. It is equipped with precise control intelligent constant temperature air conditioner to create a fresh and environmental friendly interior environment.


The quality of Souteast DX5 benefits from world-class advanced supply system and global high-quality resources. Soueast automobile cooperates with more than 20 parts world-class advanced technology suppliers, such as Italy Pininfarina, Belgium PUNCH, Japan Mitsubishi, etc., fully integrates global high-quality resources, and provides strong guarantee for the high quality of Soueast DX5 from the "hardware".

"Hardware" is better enough, and "software" is not inferior. Soueast DX5 is equipped with a new generation of southeast intelligent internet system, Beidou and GPS system, real-time road condition display system, Bluetooth and car phone. Audio can realize human-computer interaction, in this system to control air conditioning, vehicle navigation, four door windows and other functions, as well as abundant multimedia entertainment resources to enrich car life. When the rain started, the four door windows can be intelligently sensed and automatically closed, so as to avoid the sudden heavy rain and wet the interior space of the car.

(DX5 central control screen )

Intelligence is not only in the car, but also in the mobile end. Southeast DX5 has developed southeast intelligent internet app, there is rare Bluetooth key function at the same level. After being authorized, the mobile phone is the car key, completely solving the awkward situation that there is no key for vehicles in other places. Through the app, the vehicle door can also be unlocked, the trunk can be opened, the remote start, and the front and rear windows can be defogged. Soueast DX5 starts from every scene of daily life car use and ends the embarrassment during the car using period.

Win the competition of CCPC, comfortable and reliable in operation

CCPC China mass production car competition is known as the "Olympic Games" in the automobile industry. The strict competition conditions can reflect the actual situation of consumers under certain conditions. Soueast DX5 first battle 2019 China mass production vehicle performance competition and many other competition of the same type of vehicle, relying on the power, economy, earthquake resistance and environmental resistance of the whole vehicle, won five single champions in the first race of Karamay, namely, 100km / h constant speed driving noise competition, snake shaped pile winding race, elk test, 0-400M acceleration race and performance comprehensive race of compact SUV group And strive to win the comprehensive champion of compact SUV group and win the six crown.

(Soueast DX5 front McPherson + rear multi link independent suspension)

Excellent handling performance is based on the support of safety configuration. Southeast DX5's full dimension safety protection system guarantees safe driving. The design of Southeast DX5 fully considers the safety factors. It adopts the French "triumphal" nuclear submarine pressure steel frame body, more than 60% of the structure uses ultra-high strength rigid materials, and it is equipped with ten in one active safety system including ESC full dimensional body stability control system and ROP professional SUV roll over protection system. 360 ° AVM panoramic surround image system, EPB intelligent electronic handbrake, auto hold automatic parking system, more convenient for driving and security.

(Soueast DX5 advertisting picture)